About NovaTech

NovaTech works collaboratively with our customers to solve their toughest engineering and manufacturing challenges.  Our engineering expertise covers nuclear, aerospace, mechanical, materials, manufacturing and electrical. This engineering know-how, along with 20,000 square feet of manufacturing and laboratory area, give NovaTech the tools needed to provide customers with complete engineering and manufacturing solutions.

Companies use NovaTech to manage risk, advance critical projects, and keep in house personnel focused on their core competencies.  Our customers have come to depend on NovaTech as a technical resource that delivers exceptional value.  Whether your project has a tough engineering problem, unique manufacturing requirement, short schedule, or tight budget, NovaTech has the resources to help.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • “Thank you for your excellent engineering support. NovaTech displayed a wide range of expertise in supporting this project.”

    Rod MacRae, Harris

  • “NovaTech demonstrated that a hand picked, in-house team of highly motivated engineers can outperform large organizations with far vaster resources.”

    Colonel Henry Pugh, Director, Space and Missiles Technology

  • “Your contribution and input were key factors in the high quality of the design reviews and the final design report, and these efforts are greatly appreciated.”

    Alan Newhouse, Department of Energy

NovaTech Customers

NovaTech Customers